Here at 501 Fun, our community matters to us. We do everything in our power to give back to those in need, and are always looking for new ways to increase our scope of charitable work.

We give back to charities in the UK and beyond by working alongside a number of fantastic groups that are dedicated towards uplifting and improving the lives of others. We’ve hand-picked our charitable partners after identifying those that align most closely with our corporate values and are willing to partner with us to amplify our collective power.
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Our primary charity of choice is Baby2Baby, at which we are currently a Silver level sponsor. This incredible organisation, which was established in 2018, specialises in gifting baby and children's clothes and essential items to families in need.
The charity has gifted bundles to families experiencing challenges including low income, mental health issues, domestic abuse, homelessness, care leavers, young parents, asylum seekers, and women who have been trafficked. Many of these families were isolated and vulnerable, and have been truly overwhelmed to receive much-needed gifts.
Baby2Baby uses a combination of fundraising, volunteering, donating and referrals to touch the lives of countless people and alleviate poverty and hardship through the simple yet powerful act of redistribution. The organisation operates in East Sussex and the surrounding areas, and also operates numerous dedicated Baby Banks across the UK at which donations can be easily dropped off.
Aside from our own corporate charity work, we encourage our employees to become forces for good in their own rights. We are one of the pioneering organisations in the entertainment industry that provide our employees with fully paid time off in order to give them time to engage in their own charitable and social responsibility endeavours. It’s these small choices that can have hugely positive effects on our local communities, and ensure that we do our part to make the world a better place each and every day.