501 Fun has its roots in the gaming industry, and was founded with the goal of bringing dynamic and fun entertainment solutions to the market using a fusion of product and game design, software creation, payment systems and creativity. While this focus is at the core of what we do, equally important to us is our corporate responsibility vision and our drive to do good in any way that we can.

We are fully committed to being a force for good within the greater food and beverage and entertainment industries. We aim to do good wherever we operate, going above and beyond what is expected.
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As a multi-national entertainment company, we endeavour to manage our resources in a responsible way that causes least harm to the environment. We pledge to reduce our environmental impacts with clear, achievable and measurable steps. Furthermore, we encourage our customers and their guests to do what they can to preserve the environments around them and work towards a sustainable future for generations to come. Discover more about our environmental initiatives here.

501 Fun is dedicated to protecting all human rights during our operation. We are an equal employer that abides by all fair labour practices and ensure that our operations do not violate human rights in any jurisdiction, both directly and indirectly. Download our anti slavery policy here.

We conduct our business with integrity and respect for human rights. Our anti-bribery pledge rests on a foundation of fair and safe dealings, respect towards our consumers, and strong anti-corruption and anti-bribery protocols. Download our anti bribery policy here.

A large part of our corporate governance strategy is to promote corporate diversity and the provision of equal workplace opportunities for all. Learn more about how we provide equal opportunities here.

People are always at the heart of what we do, and our experiences and brands are designed to appeal to many different people and demographics. In light of this, we remain responsive to the diverse and ever-changing needs of our guests and target customers.

We are a committed community partner, both as a British employer and a force for good. You can find out more about our community initiatives here and our charitable work here.