The 501 Fun team has years of experience in developing and launching fun and engaging entertainment solutions for businesses in the F&B industry. Our game design experts have an immaculate track record when it comes to conceiving, building and delivering outstanding products in record-breaking time frames.

Our team are always hard at work developing innovative tech solutions for our clients. Moreover, these specialists create solid and seamless software updates to ensure that your products always work flawlessly and deliver the entertainment they promise to your guests.
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More about our software updates: We regularly deploy new software versions over the air to ensure that your products are always up to date. These updates contain the latest and greatest new features and code to keep the games you offer new, exciting, and working perfectly every time they are played.
The team also release regular updates to constantly improve our systems. These include updates to keep everything secure, safe, and functioning according to the industry’s highest standards. New features and functions are always rolled out digitally, which saves you and your staff from having to allocate time and resources for tedious manual upgrades.
We also roll out new game updates and aim to update our games at least once per quarter to keep them in line with the leisure industry’s current trends and movements. Of course, we actively encourage feedback from our clients and their guests as to which new features, games, themes and functions they would like to see, and design our software updates accordingly.
The beauty of our products is the constant evolution of the offer so it never gets stale. Regularly adding new games and features keeps guests coming back and spending more in your venue.