Using instantaneous automated scoring, Shuffle Pucks features a collection of quick fire games that bring the competitive edge and keep your guests hooked.

Our regular software updates provide a constantly evolving offer to keep your guests coming back, staying longer and spending more.
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Shuffle Pucks is a team game made up of a series of head to head battles in which guests try to win points for their respective teams. The quick fire nature of the games creates the optimal mix of participation, engagement and opportunities for consumption.
Similar to the scoring style of traditional shuffleboard, the player’s goal is to position their pucks as close to the end of the shuffleboard as possible. Each puck is represented on screen by a tower that builds up based on how far down the playing surface the puck finishes. If pucks fall off the playing surface, the tower crashes down. The winner is the player with the combined tallest towers at the end of the game.
Planet Odyssey:
Similar to curling, players aim for the Shuffle Pucks target in the middle of the playing surface. The winner of the game is the player with the single closest puck to the target.
Field Raid:
A game of strategy! Players position their pucks with the aim of capturing as much territory as possible. The winner of the game is the player who ends up in control of the highest proportion of the playing surface.