Our Shuffle Pucks package gives you the opportunity to match your installation to the aesthetic of your venue. This page lays out what else you will need to complete a succesful installation.

Our team are always on hand to offer help and advice throughtout the installation process.
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SHUFFLE PUCKS / Venue Requirements
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The recommended minimum footprint for Shuffle Pucks is H:2.6m W:2.0m D:5.4m. If you are unsure about whether your space is suitable for our equipment, please get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help. Creating the right environment is a crucial part of delivering great guest experience. As well as considering the dimensions of the equipment itself, make sure you have enough space for guests to place food and drinks to really supercharge your sales.
You will be responsible for providing the appropriate number of power and data (RJ45/ethernet) sockets per system. Please note that the requirements vary depending on the product and package selected. Data is required to manage sessions at the lane, send back utilisation and diagnostic data and to allow remote updates of the system. Please let us know in advance of any network requirements such as the white listing of devices.
The Shuffle Pucks console, camera module and TV screen are all designed to be wall mounted. You could either use the structural walls of your venue or fabricated something to facilitate the installation. An example layout can be found here.
Our camera based technology requires stable, consistent lighting conditions to function properly and deliver the best user experience. This means that boards should be situated away from windows or any sources of light that are subject to change (disco lights etc.). We recommend illuminating the shuffleboard using a modular, track lighting sytem but feel free to get in touch to talk through your installation.
A tech pack installation is the best way to assimilate our products into your brand. Combined with our customisation options, our systems can fully reflect the unique personality of your venue. Check out these examples: