Are you looking to improve the customer dwell time at your venue? Social entertainment solutions can help. Our 501 Fun solutions are designed to increase dwell time and extend your customer reach through the use of our versatile and customisable entertainment systems.

You can also pair our innovative solutions with other key approaches to learn how to make your customers stay longer and spend as much as possible. If a customer enters your venue, buys one item and heads home, you’ve made a single sale. However, if they arrive, sit down, play a few competitive games, socialise, and then buy something else, you’ve made a number of sales out of the same customer.

Keep them entertained for longer and they might just generate four or five sales in a day!
Five Tips on How to Get Customers to Stay Longer
Our interactive darts and shuffleboard provide a comprehensive solution to boost your customer dwell time and improve your profit margins. They extend beyond supplying cool technology and captivating games by providing intuitive reservation and payment systems for seamless booking experiences.

501 Fun can also integrate easily with existing venue systems to streamline the implementation process. Pair our software with these tips to maximise your customers’ dwell times with ease...
#1: Supply Engaging Games
Offering competitive social games will intrigue and engage casual customers and encourage them to stay longer and return frequently. Nothing improves the customer experience like unforgettable fun.
#2: Offer Free Wi-Fi
Keep customers in your venue for longer by offering fast, free Wi-Fi. The remote work revolution has more people than ever working online, and many coffee shops and other venues have now become akin to virtual offices. Offering Wi-Fi will encourage these customers to buy morning coffees, mid-morning snacks, lunches and refreshments – and to take a break for some competitive social games on the side.
#3: Start Up a Quiz Night
Bars and pubs have perfected the practice of hosting regular trivia nights and encouraging patrons to have a few extra drinks, snacks and meals in the process. Quiz games can also offer prizes to encourage more customers to show up and partake in the fun.
#4: Offer Sales, Freebies and Coupons
If you want to know how to get customers to stay longer, offering freebies and discounts is a fool proof incentive. Customers who can buy items or services and get free add-ons will spend much more time frequenting your venue, and understandably so.
#5: Provide Free or Half-Price Refills
This is a genius trick for encouraging customers to linger at your venue. Who would say no to a free or discounted soda, coffee, juice or alcoholic beverage?

This approach also gives you additional opportunities to make more sales from these customers in the future when they return. Add competitive social games and an excellent customer experience and they’ll never want to go home...
How Our Social Entertainment Products Can Help
Our entertainment, reservation and payment solutions have been engineered to maximise your venue’s customer dwell time and to integrate easily into your hospitality workflow.

501 Fun’s data platform provides granular insights into the use of our products, enabling you to target promotions and perfect processes with the utmost efficiency.

Discovering how to make customers stay longer just got simpler.