Our augmented reality system revolutionises the game of darts and allows us to produce the most immersive, engaging content. Being able to project the target directly onto the board allows the player to better connect with their target and receive instant feedback at the point the dart lands.

We are constantly working on new games that fully utilise our ground-breaking technology and keep the offer fresh for your customers, visit after visit.
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Coming from a gaming background, we have a rich history of creating compelling game formats full of enticing graphics and immersive sounds. The SMARTS Augmented Reality platform takes interactive darts to the next level, allowing us to visually manipulate the board to suit the objectives of the game. This results in a more intuitive guest experience; less thinking, more throwing, more fun!
You can’t beat a bit of Bully! Play the officially licensed TV classic. Test your trivia in round one before topping up your points tally in round two. One team will make it through to Bully’s prize board but will they gamble everything they’ve won for a chance to win a speedboat? Coming Spring 2022.
Robin hood:
Be transported into Sherwood Forest and test your accuracy in this bullseye challenge. Points are awarded for hitting the board with maximum points for hitting a bullseye. Look out for the trebles on hard mode, these are worth negative points! The winner is player with the most points after six rounds.
It’s time to be ruthless and take out the trash! Each player is assigned a number which they must hit three times to become a killer. Once killer status is achieved, they take aim at other player’s numbers to try and eliminate them from the game. Hitting a bullseye awards a bonus and makes the next throw worth double. The winner is the last person left in the game.
Halve It:
Each player starts with 40 gold coins and tries to win more by hitting the gold targets on the board. If they fail to hit a gold target with any of their three darts, then their total score is halved. The winner is the player with the most coins at the end of 8 rounds.
Disco Wall:
It’s disco time! Each player starts with a wall of 300 coloured blocks. Score anywhere on the board to eliminated blocks, the first player to clear their wall wins. In hard mode, players must finish on exactly zero or they are bust.
OK, so we know that not everyone is an aficionado when it comes to darts and for most, using our systems will be their first time playing. That's why we've created three difficulty settings for each game; ensuring that everyone gets the most enjoyable experience and is more likely to come back for more.
Ideal for those who are new to darts. Recommended for players who can throw a dart but not accurately. Limited skill required.
Some skill required as more emphasis is placed on hitting certain areas of the board or specific numbers.
Our ‘hard’ setting is recommended for players with some darts experience. Players are required to hit specific numbers and smaller sections of the board.