Darts has been re-imagined for today’s tech savvy consumer. Forget chalk boards and complicated maths, SMARTS Interactive delivers instant automated scoring and rich video game graphics presented on a big screen TV.

We use a real dartboard and real darts to deliver an authentic darts playing experience, pumped up with some super cool tech!
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SMARTS Interactive brings the latest social entertainment technology to your venue and delivers a truly immersive, one of a kind, guest experience. The intuitive nature of the games engages players of all skill levels, fuelling social connection and producing plenty of Instagram and Tik-Tok-able opportunities. Learn more about how SMARTS Interactive can supercharge your sales.
SMARTS Interactive takes the game of darts to a new, social level. By automating the scoring and layering in rich gameplay graphics, we have made darts accessible to the masses. SMARTS Interactive is darts for anywhere and everywhere, anyone and everyone!
Today’s consumers are tech-savvy families, professionals, and millennials looking for wholesome family activities, unique date night destinations, and corporate outings that promote social connection. They expect social entertainment to incorporate the kinds of technology they use every day. That's where SMARTS Interactive comes in.
Being a globally recognised game, it was important to maintain the authenticity of the experience through real darts and a real bristle dart board. Our expanding content and game portfolio keeps user engagement high and the experience fresh.
All our systems are built using the very best components, specifically selected to endure the rigors of even the most demanding environments.

We have over 30 years experience providing high traffic, technology driven solutions to the leisure and hospitality markets and we have used this experience to deliver robust products backed up by best in class help and support.