For almost 81 years, Unicorn The Big Name In Darts has been at the forefront of innovating darts technology. We've partnered with Unicorn and harnessed the awesome power of their Smartboard® technology to bring you the most reliable, accurate, autoscoring darts systems in the world.

Originally intended for domestic use, we've combined the brainpower of our repsective engineers to produce a commercial edition Smartboard®, specifically designed for use in leisure and hospitality settings.
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Real dartboard, real darts, real fun! Smartboard® is a real bristle dartboard made by the world's leading manufacturers, Unicorn.
The beauty of Smartboard® is its simplicity. No setup required, it works straight out the box and is plug and play. This makes it ideal for hospitality and leisure where ease of installation and operation are paramount.
Unlike camera based systems, Smartboard® requires no calibration or specific lighting conditions. Once installed, the board is maintenance free and requires no staff input - perfect for busy venues.
After time, all dartboards require replacing as the bristles lose compression from multiple dart hits. With Smartboard®, changing to a new board couldn't be simpler; hang it on the wall, plug it in, and you're good to go.
The Smartboard® we use is not the same as the domestic version. The domestic board is battery powered and communicates via Bluetooth. We have worked with Unicorn to develop a serial version of the board that is powered by and communicates through USB.