Pub, bar and restaurant customers have been playing games at their venues of choice for decades. In the past, pubs and bars with simple dart boards and pool tables would still have been considered ‘games pubs’, but no longer. Today’s customers demand a much higher level of entertainment from the venues they choose to frequent – and more specifically, entertainment that is aligned with the latest technologies available on the market.

It’s no secret that pubs and bars across the UK are struggling to stay afloat. Many establishments are now turning to offering unique pub and bar games to lure their customers back with not only food and beverage options, but competitive socialising opportunities as well.
Competitive socialising takes over
Technology has powered the evolution of all manner of businesses, and those belonging to the F&B industry are no different. It’s now standard practice for these establishments to offer flat screen TVs and projectors for their guests, and may have taken things a step further by adding interactive digital experiences to their rosters. Our competitive socialising games like augmented reality darts are great examples of these digital experiences, which unite guests at their venues of choice while they play and make lasting memories together.

Many other games are geared towards sports bar patrons, allowing football fans to predict how matches will unfold using platforms like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, for example. These innovative games reward their winners with prizes such as free drinks at the bar or a discount off their next meal at the restaurant at which they played, all of which can be redeemed using QR codes. This is understandably great for business, as it encourages customers to experience the full range of offerings that a venue has in store while motivating them to return.
Wider ranges of gaming products
Other F&B establishments have implemented touch screen ordering, allowing their customers to spend less time in queues at the bar and more time socialising and playing digital games with their friends.

Even the classic fruit machine has been revived thanks to modern technology. No longer are guests limited to two physical game machines that haven’t been updated or refreshed since the 1980s. Most modern pubs have installed large, high definition touch screens that offer a regularly updated selection of games to play, including all of players’ old favourites in exciting new formats.

Virtual reality is also enjoying its heyday in British pubs and bars. VR-powered games provide a thrilling and fully immersive experience for guests, who can do everything from racing cars and playing sports to playing classic pub games while they enjoy the many food and beverage options their venues have to offer.

Some venues have even given their indoor games a much-needed overhaul by installing sleek new game tables, bars and facilities for board game lovers to enjoy.
Keeping up with technological advancements
Customers’ behaviours and preferences are changing vastly in the face of technological progress, and pubs need to keep up lest they be left behind.

Over and above a delicious menu and unique drinks, the best way to attract customers to your pub in the 21st century is to turn to digital competitive socialising games to draw guests in and allow them to create memorable experiences at your venue.