Perfect Game: Boosting Your Bowling Alley's Revenue

Bowling has been an exceptionally popular group activity for decades, and people around the world still frequent bowling alleys on a regular basis. Operating a bowling alley can be very lucrative if you know how to boost your revenues by providing the right entertainment options and facilities for your guests.

Read on as we provide our top tips for improving your bowling alley’s footfall and revenue using marketing, night life offerings, and the latest entertainment offerings to keep people coming back for more.

Top Tips to drive bowling alley revenues

1. Turn your venue into an entertainment hub

If you want to maximise your bowling alley’s revenue, consider offering a more diverse range of entertainment options than bowling alone. Options like party and event packages, redeemable coupons, and competitive socialising games will get your business on the map and attract groups of all ages to your venue.

Competitive socialising games like those offered by 501 Fun pair the latest in gaming technology with classic games that appeal to a wide range of demographics. Our games like Interactive Darts encourage groups to play together, to share their experiences with others online, and to recommend your venue through word-of-mouth reviews. The more fun you can provide, the better you will be able to attract new customers to your alley and give them a good reason to return.

2. Offer nightlife entertainment

Many bowling alleys have amplified their success by turning their bowling alleys into dual purpose alleys and nightclubs to attract a wider range of clientele.

Selling alcoholic beverages and adding music events, DJ facilities, karaoke and a dance floor to your bowling alley can turn it into a highly profitable business that will encourage adult bowlers to explore everything you have on offer.

3. Plan group events

Planning and hosting group events is a great way to boost footfall at your venue. Offering special events, theme nights and discounts will bring a wide range of groups through your doors, from children and teens to adults and even seniors! The more unique events and specials you can offer, the more you will be able to diversify your business and supercharge your sales.

4. Provide a food and beverage menu

If your bowling alley does not yet offer food and drinks to your customers, you may want to add these facilities to your venue. Offer dine-in options for your bowling and non-bowling customers, and provide carry-out services to visitors as well to capture their interest and encourage them to explore your other offerings.

You could even offer easy-to-eat finger snacks and special drinks for your bowling and competitive socialising customers to make it easy for them to enjoy snacks and drinks as they play and bowl, along with competitively priced specials at your themed events.

5. Focus on marketing

Proper marketing is the key to winning long-term success for your business. You need to market your bowling alley in such a way that ensures that your brand becomes well known within your immediate area and beyond. Use digital marketing strategies like social media marketing, influencer marketing and inbound marketing campaigns to spread the word to a wider audience.

Offering competitive socialising games like those offered by 501 Fun also encourages your visitors to spread the world about their experiences at your venue with their friends, colleagues, and followers online.

Consider participating in local community events to help build your alley’s reputation as well. Offering specials to celebrate local events and celebrations is an effective way to establish yourself as a prime entertainment venue in your locality. Remember to ask your customers for honest feedback so that you can improve your offerings. The more you can meet the needs and expectations of your target audiences, the more you’ll be able to profit!